CAN-008 is an antibody-like CD95 receptor/Fc-fusion protein which blocks the CD95

ligand from binding to CD95, reducing cancer-cell migration in malignant glioma and 

protecting tumor-infiltrating immune cells from apoptosis. Indicated for glioblastoma, 

CAN008 has shown outstanding survival benefit for CD95L positive GBM patients in the 

completed Phase II study in EU. CANbridge has the exclusive license for development, 

manufacture and commercialization of CAN008 for the territories of Greater China 

(include Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).


CAN-002 is a supersaturated calcium phosphate oral rinse solution indicated for 

mucositis caused by radiation or high dose chemotherapy. CAN-002 has been approved 

and marketed in 47 countries as a medical device for cancer adjuvant therapy. Plenty of 

clinical data has indicated that CAN002 is highly effective in preventing and treating 

mucositis with excellent safety profile. CANbridge has the exclusive distribution right of 

CAN-002 in China.

CAN-017CAN-017 is a humanized immunoglobulin gamma 1/kappa (IgG1/) monoclonal antibody that targets the human v-erb-b2 oncogene homolog 3 (ERBB3 or HER-3) receptor and inhibits ERBB3 activities. CAN017 has been tested on 35 CDX models and 12 PDX models in preclinical studies for its in vivo efficacy and the correlation between efficacy of CAN017 and the expression level of NRG1. It is proven that NRG1-positive tumors are enriched with statistical significance for responders to CAN-017 and that the in vivo efficacy of CAN-017 can potentially be predicted by NRG1 expression levels in the tumors. The completed phase I study of CAN-017 on various metastatic or advanced solid tumors also showed that CAN-017 was well-tolerated with excellent safety data. CANbridge will develop CAN-017 first in squamous cell esophageal cancer, the predominant form of esophageal cancer in China. CANbridge has obtained the exclusive global license (exclude North America) for the development, manufacture and commercialization of CAN-017.

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