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CANbridge was featured in a "Chronicle" (WCVB TV, ABC in Boston) story on rare disease as the only industry representative. Along with interviews with CEO, Dr. James Xue and CMO, Dr. Gerry Cox, this insightful story includes a first-ever glimpse of the CANbridge Next-Gen Innovation Center, at our US HQ, where Dr. Pavan Ghatty, our head of chemistry and manufacturing, explains how we will make our gene therapies.

We are grateful to Chronicle for highlighting the continued need for therapies as they share these patient stories--some of them you may know!

CEO BLOG —West Meets East: The Developing Rare Disease Ecosystem

The other day as I was driving to work, I noticed a very ordinary thing that is also a miracle.
It was a boy, in a hoodie and sneakers, walking a dog. But it could have been a girl, or a toddler chasing a ball or a kid on a bike. Because all of these things are miracles, and every child who has a genetic rare disease should have the opportunity to do them—regardless of where they live or what their circumstances are.
Which is why I founded CANbridge, and why I go to work every day. And one day last month, I had the privilege of meeting with one of the leading groups fighting for rare disease patients, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, or NORD, which is celebrating its 40th year.

CANbridge In The Book “Inside the Orphan Drug Revolution

A widely recognized leader in the rare disease field, Jim Geraghty, has published his new book “Inside the Orphan Drug Revolution”, an epic reading on his personal recount how the orphan drug industry developed over the past forty years as an entrepreneur, a leader, an insider and important contributor.

Forty years ago, a revolution started that transformed the prospects of patients with rare diseases. This book is in part a history, with eyewitness accounts of advances as they occurred and portraits of the pioneering scientists and physicians, tireless activists, and visionary business leaders who made the revolution happen, and it tells deeply personal stories of patients and parents willing to risk new, untried therapies. CANbridge is honored to be part of this revolution and has been mentioned as the “Genzyme of China” in this book.