CANbridge Life Sciences ltd. Elected to be a Member of Phirda


Beijing, China – Jun 3rd 2016 - The PhIRDA (China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association) announced today 14 companies are officially joined PhIRDA, CANbridge along with other 4 leading pharmaceutical companies  and 9 investment companies are included. 


About PhIRDA

Founded in 1988, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) is registered as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China at the first national level.

Major work of PhIRDA includes: First, to promote communication and innovative development of our members and even the whole pharmaceutical industry through forums, press-conferences, summits, etc; Second, to make efforts to establish an international exchange platform for our members through cooperation with foreign embassies and foreign associations to stimulate communication between China and foreign countries in pharmaceutical field; Third, to improve the website of PhIRDA and provide collecting, arranging, revising and consulting service of pharmaceutical information, which includes the following internal e-magazines such as the bimonthly journal Scientific and Technological Development Information on Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Information Brief, International Pharmaceutical Development Tendency and Research Information Brief, Comments on Industrial Hot Issues; Fourth, to conduct pharmaceutical policy researches, propose valuable suggestions on healthcare reform and the development of pharmaceutical industry , with supports from NHFPC, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CFDA and other related government departments.

Centering on the principle of “innovation, industrialization, internationalization”, PhIRDA will strengthen self-discipline, promote healthy development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, making constant contributions to the greater economic development of the country and public health.