CANbridge Completes Patient Enrolment for Phase I Clinical Trial of CAN008 in Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme in Taiwan


On 30 November, CANbridge Life Sciences Ltd. announced that patient enrolment in Taiwan was completed for the phase I clinical trial for CAN008, a new drug under research used to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). In phase I, a total of 10 patients newly diagnosed with GBM are enrolled to evaluate the drug's safety, tolerance, pharmacokinetics, and preliminary therapeutic effects. The clinical trial is still in progress and will end in 2018. In addition, CANbridge has submitted the interim safety report for the phase I trial as supporting documentation to the Centre for Drug Evaluation (CDE) at the China Food and Drug Administration to apply for the execution of a phase II/III clinical trial in Mainland China.

CANbridge was approved to develop the phase I/II clinical trial for CAN008 in Taiwan in July 2016. Currently, data has shown that CAN008 is safe and has not caused any serious adverse events (SAE). The Safety Monitoring Committee (SMC) has made conclusions regarding the recommended dosage of CAN008 used in phase II/III trials in China. CANbridge will launch the phase II/III clinical trial using CAN008 as second-line treatment of GBM in Mainland China in 2018.